3 Questions You Might Ask Before You Start Preparing for the PTE Exam

If you are a beginner preparing for the PTE exam, you might also face some of the biggest challenges like many other students who tend to face it when it comes to the PTE exam preparation.

They don’t understand how this computer-based exam works, the marking criteria, nor do they have understanding of the approach. They tend to overthink about the exam and that becomes a little bit of a mess. If you also see yourself like one of them, you need to read up on the following questions or speak to the PTE experts. They can help you understand the PTE exam curriculum, how one can achieve a score that they desire from as low as 36 to all the way up to 90.

We will discuss and answer 3 questions here, which might transform your thinking about the PTE exam, help you achieve a deep understanding of it, and avoid some common problems that come up with it.

Question #1: Which Section Should You Start With?

PTE training experts recommend that you should start with the speaking section. This is the section that students struggle with the most and it can take some time to improve. In the speaking section, a lot of students need to work on either their oral fluency or their pronunciation. For a lot of students, the biggest issue is their oral fluency. If you want to improve it, you should be learning how to speak a little bit faster and usually with fewer pauses as well. This isn’t the kind of thing that you can cram the day before the exam, which is why experts at any leading PTE training institutes recommend you should start doing the speaking section sooner rather than later.

Question #2: How Long Do You Need to Prepare for the PTE Exam?

Well it depends on your current English level. If you already know your English level, that is great! If you are not quite sure of what your English level is, you can go to the Pearson website and take one of their scored online mock tests.

Let’s say you need to move up one band in an IELTS score. Perhaps, you currently have an IELTS score of 7 that is PTE score of 65 and you need to move to an IELTS score of 8 that is a 79 in the PTE. In this case, if you need to move up one band, PTE training experts recommend a minimum of one-month of study is necessary. Let’s say that you need to move up two bands in your IELTS score, perhaps you currently have an IELTS score of six that is a PTE 50. Perhaps you need to move up to an IELTS score of 8 that in the PTE is a score of 79. In this case, if you need to move up two bands, a minimum two months of PTE preparation is necessary before you take your PTE exam.

Question #3: Which Questions Should You Study First for the PTE Exam?

You should absolutely start with the questions that have more marks in the PTE exam. If you are not sure about which questions are worth more marks, it is better you should consult with the PTE training experts who can also offer classroom and online PTE best coaching. If you are spending a lot of time on questions that are not important, for example multiple-choice questions, then unfortunately it can be difficult to improve your score in a shorter amount of time.

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