What I Do

Are you tired of standing around in a gym lifting weights staring at yourself in the mirror, listening to music you don’t really like, getting bored and feeling unmotivated ?

Tired of the same old routine with limited or no noticeable results?

Ever wanted to just unleash your raw power with some finesse & grace .. Ever thought of taking some fun Tennis Lessons? Welcome to me . 🙂

This’s Dr. Abs Singh. I’m a 27 yr old medical doctor who used to play professionally, before getting into medicine. Right now,I’d rate myself conservatively a 5.5 on the tennis scale, 7.0 being the highest. I coach personalised one-on-one tennis lessons. I work with your existing technique to help you play a smarter & more competitive game. Together,we work on your weak areas & help improve them gradually but definitely.

Some of the areas we’d work upon are:
Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Topspin serve, Slice, Chops, Volleys, Smashes, Killer angle shots on both flanks , etc ..

I specialise in teaching <span class=”blue”>’ Topspin ‘</span> (also called as ‘forward spin’ , ‘slicer’, ‘brush up’ in popular parlance..) I teach it according to the <strong>Modern Tennis Methodology ( MTM-Oscar Wegner method )</strong> of an ‘Open Stance’ vis-a-vis the traditional old school method of ‘closed stance’ with the left knee across &amp; sideways for right handers . This is how the pros are playing modern tennis nowadays &amp; this is how you reduce stress on the joints of your body, importantly the back &amp; the knee joints. It makes playing tennis so much more instinctive &amp; so less mechanical .. 🙂 I have the method down pat . With me, I can practically guarantee that within 2 months of a flat forehand,you’ll be hitting smooth &amp; relaxed topspins like the pros you see on TV, not as effectively as them , though 🙂 !

Roger Federer preparing to hit a forehand. Much can be learned from this photograph. Note how he is “loading” his body weight on his back (right) foot and coiling his shoulders with the help of his left hand. From this position, he will “uncoil” his body beginning with his legs, progressing to his hips and then on to his arms. This is how the “modern” forehand utilizing the open stance is executed.

About my personality: In my lessons, I’m easygoing, easy to talk to, calm, relaxed, systematic without being compulsive & methodical without being inflexible.

My Credo .. I have a unique philosophy of tennis instruction in which I will not micromanage each & every one of your shots on court like most other pros but through a process of intense repetition, will get you where i desire you to be.. Yes, that means no nagging on court. We’ll be having a ball on court with our share of fun & laughs!

My Clientele: I teach all age groups. I have a spectrum of 15-20 students taking tennis instruction in Pasadena under me right now, little kids to teenagers to the elderly ..

And Much More.. My services also include a free weekly email newsletter designed only for my students. This is information handpicked & researched by me, geared to help you play smarter & more competitively. These are tips, pointers, strategies & thinking tools,culled from prestigious tennis magazines, the internet, & some pointers in my own words when I have the time. [ Yup,I do write 🙂 ] These newsletters will orient your tennis to be more intelligent,more instinctive & more on auto-pilot..! Check out one example ‘here‘ Ultimately, the end goal of these emails is to help you think as smart as the professionals do when they’re playing their own tennis. And that’s not as hard as it sounds, i guarantee you.. Feel free to contact me here for more details. Email is perfect,but if you

wish to speak to me, my cell no. is 626 429 4334, don’t hesitate ..

a lot for reading this & the very best of luck with your game!